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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Leslie Rashana writes,
> > but the deathscythe has enhanced stealth features and is the fastest of
> > all the gundams in Wing, it cna zip in *SLASH* zip back out before they
> > know what happened..
> I was initially going to dismiss the Deathscythe as hopelessly pokey, but
> then I recalled the Endless Waltz specs, which - in terms of power output,
> which seems to be a reliable indicator of technological advancement in the
> UC continuity - put the Gundams on a par with circa-UC 0120 mobile suits.
> (In fact, the EW Altron's dry weight and thrust are identical to those of
> the Gundam F90, which underscores the UC 0120 equivalence).
> If these things are on a par with F91 mobile suits, pulling four gees in
> space (though few of 'em are able to fly in atmosphere), then the tactics
> that work for the Crossbone Gundam could work just as well for the
> Deathscythe - close in rapidly and engage in melee combat.
well, i'm only going by the series specks sinc i haven't seen EW yet :)

> The Deathscythe Hell isn't, as per the EW specs, the highest-acceleration
> Gundam; its high "speed" stat is supposed to reflect short-distance
> "dashing" speed, a sprint rather than a marathon. Still, the tactics it
> employs could - and, indeed, do - work with the advanced technology of the
> post-UC 0100 era.
> > and Sandrock is the heaviest armored of all the Gundams,
> Relying on heavy armor works less well in the UC era - only tanks like The
> O can survive beam weapon hits. This kinda depends on whether our heroes get
> to bring their miracle alloy with them. ;-)
and THAT is really a matter of asking what are the diferances in
performance of the beam weapons used in Wing and the ones in UC.. sinc
the AC timeline appears to have no Minovsky sciences

> As for the other assessments... hey, what about the Virgo? :-) A UC
> 0120-era mobile suit with an all-around beam shield and a beam bazooka would
> be pretty lethal, though the AI aspect is a bit of a wild card...

i figured i'd just stay with the more or less "unique" Mobile suits of
AC and not the mass-produced variaties ;)

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