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Mark Simmons wrote:
> > 5. If the Gundam Wing boys and their Gundams were put
> > in a UC war, who would survive?
> _And_ their Gundams? Hoo boy! Well, they typically either lack long-range
> weapons or have severe ammo limitations. But the Wing Zero and Altron are
> frickin' killing machines. The Heavy Arms is no slouch either.
> The Deathscythe and Sandrock, on the other hand, would have a hard time
> getting nimble UC mobile suits to stay put and wait to be chopped up.
> -- Mark
but the deathscythe has enhanced stealth features and is the fastest of
all the gundams in Wing, it cna zip in *SLASH* zip back out before they
know what happened.. and Sandrock is the heaviest armored of all the
Gundams, and you know how much punishment the 'weaker' gundams can
take.. it would depend on where they had to fight..

i'd imagine Wing gundam would be passing fair at space combat but being
designed for atmosphere it wouldn't be nearly as good at it as Wing Zero
even without taking it's totally pumped to the max stats, and Zero is
so powerfull even being designed for space battles it's performance
wouldn't be significantly degraded if forced to fight on earth...

Shen-long and Sandrock would be best suited to ground attack in broken
terrain where close combat is almost a nessecity, mountains and jungles
etc.. between the heavy armor and he heat shortls of Sandrock and the
quick response and deadly close-quarter weapons of Shen-long they should
be kept in good stead in the brutality that most close face-to-face
battles generally devolve into, Sandrock Kai would be bettter equiped
for space battles but would still really shine more in gorund combat
erthside or in a colony...

Heavyarms and Heavyarms Kai would be best used as defensive weapons at
bases (Heavyarms) and colonies/carriers (Heavyarms Kai) with suppporting
movbile suits covering it while it ducks in for more ammo it can be a
very potent machine...

Deathscythe and Deathsythe Hell are sneak attack machines.. not front
line fighters.. on earth or in space they could best be put to use using
speed to make a dash ot the rear lines while using stealth to evade the
bulk of enemy formations, then disrupting supply and communications in
the rear.. angain using spead and stelth to avoid "mixing it up" and
giving it the luxury of picking and chooosing it's fights...

Altron, like Wing Zero, appears to be a potent enough design ot be
farily versitile, probably best used as a storm-trooper MS to punch a
hole quickly in enemy lines, usually to get at the command unit..

nobody Mentions Epyon, so i will, it has arguable the most potent
close-combat weapon a mobile suit can carry, and is fast enough that for
the most part it's not as hampered by the lack of a ranged weapon as one
might think, again, like Altron this would be a good unit to bust in
shredding whatever got in it's way heading stright in to duel wiht the
command or other important unit (and by duel i don't mean cross swords
and fight honorably, i mean evade/destroy all obsticales until you can
shove that beam-sword into the comander's MS right where it hurts)

TallGeese, a farily decent all-around suit.. if it's control issues
could be resolved it might make a good mass-production model

Mercurius and Vayate (hey, i've come this far :) alone these are some
immpressive mobiel suits, the Vayate could probably suplement if not
replace Guncannon and GM cannon while Mercurius would be good as a
second line MS following he front in an advance, using thier enhanced
defense abilites to help blunt any break-thorughs in the line,
alternatly i'ts so well shilded but with at least average if not better
weapons it could serve as a good commander's MS helping one of the most
tempting targets on the battlefild survive to lead the fight.. but they
really shine as a team, either suppoorting each other in fighter/wingman
groups or as the anchors of a small MS squad (4-6 mobile suits) or as a
"bodyguard" to a command MS or Vessel or similar sensative unit

well, best to stop here i think before i work my way bakc all the way to
the lowely Leo.. TTFN :)


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