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>In a message dated 6/30/00 1:06:00 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
>oom9@crosswinds.net writes:
><<Some snips, not in any order, really>>
><< The unedited version is shown at midnight on Saturday >>
>Midnight on weekdays! Idiots! They don't even know when they air things!!

Looks like they merely added to the original press release without proofing

><<"We are very pleased at the continued success 'Gundam Wing' has experienced
>since its introduction in fall 1999 in the United States,">>
>I thought it was introduced in March?

The kits first came out in test markets around Thanksgiving, 1999.
However, they pretty sat on the shelves without moving a single unit
until the TV series started in March.

><<The series is set to continue in fall 2000 and spring 2001. >>
>That's unpossible ((Ralph Wiggum is the man!)) if it's just Wing and Endless
>Waltz. DUH!

1 episode per season (3 months)... possible. :)


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