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>Hey there. I said earlier that I've seen the first 20 episodes of Zeta Gundam
>as well as the original Gundam Trilogy and Char's Counterattack. In the Zeta
>episodes I've seen, all main members of the White Base crew are shown again
>except for Sayla Mass. During the opening animation, the White Base crew is
>shown but Sayla is again mysteriously absent. I know she isn't shown in
>Counterattack so I'm wondering if she ever shows up again in the Gundam
>universe. Where is she and what becomes of her?

Well, I am sure others would fill you in on where she shows up in the
animation. Here's some cool trivia though...


In the Side Story of Zeta Gundam manga by Kondo, Sayla was held hostage by
the Titans much like Amuro being put in house arrest. The Titans used
their leverage to force Char do the dirty work of hunting down the remnants
of Zeon (now AEUG). The character's backgrounds and motivation, along with
the setup, really got turned upside down in this "side story". For example,
Camille's parents were said to be killed because they were Side 3 citizens,
not to mention Quatro working for the Titans instead of the AEUG. But
still, it does offer an interesting take on why we don't get to see much of
Sayla in Zeta.


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