Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 13:43:07 -0700

>I called the Buyrite, and they say that there copies will be $72.99, and
>that their is a 3week wait for that it is "not an important enough game to
>import", so they did not ask for it yet. People say the Buyrite is a bad
>store to shop at, but could you all tell me why this is so? And how bad it
>was to be for you personally?

Wow, you actually got a live person on the phone, looks like they've
improved from the last time my friend called them. :)

I haven't shoped with them for about a year or two, but my experience has
been mostly negative when I did deal with them:

- they ship you damaged products - games with cracked case or opened/not
  shrinkwrapped items, etc. When Tronix has only damaged items remain for
  a particular title, they will e-mail you to let you know and get your OK
  before they ship it out to you. Not Buy Rite.

- they charge you overnight shipping when you asked for ground residential
  delivery, regardless of whether you order online or by phone.

- sales staff are a bunch of kids (well last I heard it was down to 1 kid)
  who don't really know about the stuff they are selling (your post was
  good proof of that)

Buy Rite is notorious for being god-awful with their service, and even
their competitors wonder how they stay in business. My guess is that they
stay alive by attracting newbies with "lowest price guarantee" (not so low
when you consider how much they charge for S/H compared to others). They
probably don't stock Giren's Greed because the game doesn't attract newbies
like the more flashy games (Jet Grind Radio, etc.)


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