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Soimichiro Watanabe wonders,

> 1. If Char had the Sazabi during Zeta, could he be
> beaten by Haman/would have beaten Haman?

  He would have kicked her butt. Piloting the Type 100, he held his own
against Scirocco _and_ Hamaan in their super-psycommu killing machines, and
watching episode 50 of Z Gundam, it looks like he would have finished off
Hamaan in their last duel if he hadn't forgotten to watch out for her
funnels. Give him a monster funnel-packing mobile suit from hell, rather
than a one-armed year-old prototype, and he'd conquer the world.

> 2. Do you think that in terms of skill and ability,
> Kou and Gato are equals, it's just that Gato has an
> edge because of his One Year War experience?

  Not equals, but judging from their duel at the naval review - where both
pilots are dodging, decoying, improvising, and turning cartwheels like
madmen - Kou is an incredibly talented amateur with great reflexes and a
short learning curve. Given time, he could perhaps have become better than
Gato. But circa 0083, Gato has a definite edge in terms of experience and -
most importantly, in the final episodes - physical stamina.

> 3. What if Amuro had a specialized Gundam during Zeta
> and had joined the final battle, what do you think
> would be the outcome of Zeta Gundam?

  Not too different - the outcome of the battle was a function of fleet
strength and tactics, not a couple of super mobile suits (which tend to
cancel each other out in battle anyway). Maybe Camille's brain wouldn't have
been fried, maybe Hamaan would have died, but the big-picture outcome
wouldn't have changed much.

  On the other hand, if Amuro had barged into that scene where all the main
characters are holding guns on each other, I'd give you 50% odds on him
popping a cap in Char's ass.

  Random digression - compare Camille's career as Char's acolyte, to Katsu's
experience as Amuro's wanna-be sidekick. Char gives Camille spacey advice
and a degree of structure in his life, while Amuro gives Katsu his "lucky
gun" and then sends him up to space to take care of himself. Perhaps this
foreshadows CCA, where once again Amuro spurns his wannabe-sidekick and she
goes running to the more mentoring Char. ;-)

> 4. Do you think that without its silly
> light-heartedness, ZZ Gundam could rank as one of the
> best Gundam series?

  No, it would still suck. As a plot engine, Judo running around sticking up
for his sister and kicking Bright Noah's butt actually compares unfavorably
to Gundam X.

> 5. If the Gundam Wing boys and their Gundams were put
> in a UC war, who would survive?

  _And_ their Gundams? Hoo boy! Well, they typically either lack long-range
weapons or have severe ammo limitations. But the Wing Zero and Altron are
frickin' killing machines. The Heavy Arms is no slouch either.

  The Deathscythe and Sandrock, on the other hand, would have a hard time
getting nimble UC mobile suits to stay put and wait to be chopped up.

-- Mark

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