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>Heero would have been in some sort of MA...imagine if he had something like
>the Psyco gundam to work with....brrrr.

Only problem is he's not a newtype.

>Duo would do fine with something fast like the Zeta.
>Trowa? I would say the guncannon, LOL!
>Quattre would be great with a supergundam.
>Wufei? I would stick him with a rx178 with a really good hand to hand
>combat weapon.

But why put them in Federation MS? They're spacenoids after all. Why not
have them fight for Zeon?

Heero: Rick Dom (with Beam Bazooka)

Duo: Kampfer

Trowa: Xammel

Quarte: Gelgoog

Wu-Fei: Gyann

And since they're fighting for Zeon, I guess that means Zechs would be
fighting for the Federation. Give him a GP-01fb.

Noin: GM Sniper II until she switches sides, then a Gelgoog Jager.

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