Chris Beilby (
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 17:51:34 GMT

> > I have been wondering, would a newtype be able to use the zero system,
> > would it screw with their head if they did? And would it improve their
> > fighting abilities?
> >
>frightening thought.. Psychoframe (reads a newtype's psycho-waves) pulus
>Zero system (projects data and tactical suggestions into the pilot's
>breain) equals?
>Gundam/Pilot symbiosis?
>*the light behind the Gundam's eyes flickered fitfully as it stood in
>it's berth, support lines snapped as it leaned foreward holding it's
>head in it's hands, "Ow, my head... you didn't tell me Migrains would be
>a side-effe...???" the gundam lifted it's head and turned it's hands
>over, as if studying them, "wha.. wha.. WHAT'S HAPPENING??!!!?!!"

Hey... good idea here for a fanfic... And the EXAM system from Blue
Destiny would work in this too...
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