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I have'nt seen Z myself, but I've read she makes a cameo appearence watching
her big brother on TV. The first episode of ZZ Gundam shows highlights from
Z and I think she shows up at an oceanside house somewhere....

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Subject: [gundam] What happens to Sayla?

> Hey there. I said earlier that I've seen the first 20 episodes of Zeta
> as well as the original Gundam Trilogy and Char's Counterattack. In the
> episodes I've seen, all main members of the White Base crew are shown
> except for Sayla Mass. During the opening animation, the White Base crew
> shown but Sayla is again mysteriously absent. I know she isn't shown in
> Counterattack so I'm wondering if she ever shows up again in the Gundam
> universe. Where is she and what becomes of her?
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