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>Hrrm ... I'm sure I've seen more, but thats all I can think of now, so go
>forth and comment =)

A couple you may have overlooked is Orguss and Orguss II. The original is
kind of a Macross Side-Story, with dubious connections to the original show
(Min Mei cameos, the Bronco GERWALK, some of Kei's memories). However, the
basic premise of the show, a gestalt of several altenate worlds trapped by
a time-warp bomb, makes the setting so off kilter that introducing
acrobatic anti-grav transforming robots seems minor. The impossibly
manueverable and well-nigh indestructable mecha has the same supporting
role as it's Valkyrie ancestors, since the story revolves around human
dramas Kei stumbles into rather than a major war story. These episodes have
been available on tape for several years, and you should be able to find
them used somewhere.

Orguss II
This OVA was intended as an encore to satisfy long-time fans of the
original show, and it shows. The story is fast-paced and the dialogue
succinct, partly driven literally by an enemy juggernaut robot. The
characters designs are good, and definately reminiscent of the original
series (one character even returns from the original), and overall it's a
good cap on the whole Orguss drams. These were released in english a couple
years ago, and again you should be able to find the tapes used.


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