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> They say they did not want even to stock PSX version, because it is a game
> that is "too advance" for American people. They also say that Gundam is
> much to be shown for American kids , and that the only good one for
> kids (they say that no real adult would watch "Japanimation cartoons"
> anyway)is Wing, for it is childish enough and it is better to dub it
> American kids hate Japanese subbed items. But I am upset that they call me
> stupid for wanting a "too Japan" game like Giren's Greed, and told me to
> order Street Fighter Third Strike instead. Has this happen to other people
> also? Or is it just me?

    Like I said, they are the type of stores that go for the numbers, not
the people. With a game that's this kanji and Japanese intensive, most
Americans, except hardcore Gundam fans, won't buy this type of games. You
have to agree with them on one thing, though - almost all popular games in
the US, with a few exceptions, are mostly action oriented and not that text
intensive, so it's not likely that a game like Giren's Greed would be a best
seller or even a profitable seller. Just don't listen to them - they are not
people that care about gamers, as they only care about taking money from

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