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>Ahhh the list is so quiet today =)
>Here's my rambling on some other mecha shows I've seen (not neccesarily
>shows where mecha is the focus, but they at least play a part in the
>story). Hopefully it will spark some conversation, and maybe convince
>someone to see a show they otherwise wouldn't. Feel free to comment and
>add your own.
>These are in no apparent order, just the order that I thought of them.
>Vision of Escaflowne - A true modern classic. It should be considererd
>essential viewing for any anime fan. The mecha aren't the focus of the
>story, but they do play an integral part. I really like the so called
>"Steam-punk" design (That being high technology reproduced with
>steam-engine era tech), and even if there's a little "magic" involved, its
>well done. Also, let's not forget the Yoko Kanno factor. This show has
>some of her best songs, Dance of Curse is one of my favorites.

Great show, awesome music. Everybody should see this.


>Martian Successor Nadesico - Another must see. This show has something to
>appeal to everyone. I remember reading somewhere that it was voted
>favorite anime series of all time in Japan last year. There are a lot of
>silly shows, and shows that don't take themselves seriously, but I think
>this has done it far better than any other. Take your typical space
>battleship with mecha fighting against an overwheming enemy, and stir in a
>healthy dose of comedy. Plus Gekiganger is the best anime within an anime
>ever .... LET'S GEKIGA-IN!

Definitely among the funniest anime series I've ever seen. While I think
everyone would enjoy it, the more of an anime fan you are the more you'll
get out of it, since Nadesco is packed with ripoffs, homages and references

The only thing not to like is ADVs turtle paced release schedule.


>Brain Powered - This is probably the best new show I've seen in a long
>time. After watching the first two episodes, the show was definately
>unique and oddly itriguing. After seeing 6 episodes, I'm getting into the
>story and starting to have an appreciation fo the characters. After
>hearing about Tomino's complains of Gundam focusing too much on the mecha,
>and not enough on the characters, I can really see that reflected here.
>Even though the mecha in the show was designed by the guy who did 5 Star
>Stories (Nagano .. aurgh .. cant remember the name), they almost seem
>intentionally bland and un-model kit worthy. Other than Gundam, of all the
>series' I'm in the progress of watching, this is the one I most look
>forward to finishing. Oh, and Yoko Kanno. Yoko Kanno == goodness.

Brain Powered seems a good show so far. It's got some very interesting
possibilities. I just wish anime village would hurry up and release the
rest of the series.

>Evangelion - Well, I might as well mention this one. I really didn't like
>it. Really, really didn't liek it. That's just me though =) I know lots of
>people who realy got into it, but it just wasn't for me. I can only stand
>so much angst, and I can honestly say this was the first series I watched
>where I honestly _despised_ all of the characters. Except for Pen-Pen
>perhaps, there wasn't a single character I liked. Tack on mecha design I
>didn't like, a plot that cratered near the end ... ugg. Not my cup of tea
>=) This ain't Eva bashing, since I know some of you love it, I just .. err
>.. hated it =)

I'm one of those who liked it, but I can see why it might not be everyone's
cup of tea. People seem to have very strong reactions to the Eva, either
they love it and really get into it, or they hate it and go on and on about
how bad it is. I haven't met many people who are sort of bland about the
show. Still, I think everyone should at least give it a try.


>Patlabor - I really enjoyed the TV series, even if I've only seen about a
>third of it. How many episodes are there again? 60 or something? A
>generally fun show, with nice mecha designs, likable characters, and a
>decent if inconsistently good plot. The OVA's were better, with a touch
>better animation and some great stories. The movies I didn't like in the
>slightest. Story was far too slow and dragged on.

Well, here's a rundown of the series (in the order they were produced):
1st OVA: 7 episodes
TV Series: 49 episodes
2nd OVA: 16 episodes

Plus, of course, the two movies.

Patlabor is a great show (I've got all of the above). It's got good
characters, cool mecha designs (love the Ingram) and good writing.

One espeically nice thing is that U.S. Manga Corps released the TV series 5
episodes per tape, which makes it possible to collect the whole series on a
reasonable budget.

>Bubblegum Crisis and Bubblegum Crisis 2040 - BGC is one of my alltime
>favorites, and the first anime I bought on DVD. Having watched it coming
>off of Robotech it influenced my greatly. I love the music, love the
>characters, and it had some great stories. As I've mentioned before, I
>haven't warmed up to BGC2040 yet, but I may give it another go in the near
>future since I'm running out of other things to watch =) For those who
>don't know, its girls in power armor fighting semi-biological robots
>called Boomers.

The original BGC is a classic. 2040 has a rather different tone, but I
think it looks pretty interesting so far.

>Macross 7 - I really wanted to like this show. It had a lot going for it,
>neat transforming mecha, it had Max and Miriya, I grew up watching
>Robotech, it had Max and Miriya, and did I mention the nifty transforming
>mecha? However ... ugg... Bassara. He has the distinct honor of being the
>only character other than Shinji from Eva that I wanted to repeatedly kick
>in the head. If they'd JUST toned down the influence of music a little bit
>it would have been infinitely better ... Macross did it right, in small
>doses Minmei wasn't that bad, but its like massive overload. Still, I did
>sit through all 49 episdoes just so I could see Max and Miriya flying
>together again at the end. Word of advice though. DO NOT watch the
>Dynamite 7 OVA. This is a warning to you all. I'll put it bluntly: Giant.
>Space. Whales. That's the focus of the plot.

I liked Macross 7 a bit more than you did. Not fantastic, but OK.

>Hrrm ... I'm sure I've seen more, but thats all I can think of now, so go
>forth and comment =)

Well, I'm surprised you didn't mention Macross Plus, which is up there with
0080 as one of the best OVAs in history. It's got Yoko Kanno music, very
sharp animation and lots of action. What more could you ask for?

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