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cover shots)

> I called the Buyrite, and they say that there copies will be $72.99, and
> that their is a 3week wait for that it is "not an important enough game to
> import", so they did not ask for it yet. People say the Buyrite is a bad
> store to shop at, but could you all tell me why this is so? And how bad it
> was to be for you personally?

    You have to know one thing about them - they seems to be the type of
store that sell things that most people buy, not the things that gamers
want. You have to agree that the number of people actually wanting to buy
the game, when there's already a PS version, with this version don't offer
much more option or graphics, isn't that many. So to them, Giren's Greed is
pretty much a non-important game. I gave up on their services a while ago,
so unless they have games on sale that I want, I will never do business with
them again, as I have gotten used to NCSX's prompt e-mail replies (seems to
be getting back to its good service, as I have been unable to get them to
reply to my e-mail promptly like a couple of months ago), and their
willingness to stock games that "nobody" wants, like To Heart, Roommate,

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