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> > 2. Do you think that in terms of skill and ability,
> > Kou and Gato are equals, it's just that Gato has an
> > edge because of his One Year War experience?
> I think Kau actually has more raw skill, but in 0083 he doesn't learn how to
> FULLY tap that potential. Like Burning said, he has the potential to be
> good.
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> > 5. If the Gundam Wing boys and their Gundams were put
> > in a UC war, who would survive?
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> . Quatre would be hooking
> > up a zero system on Kamiyu's biosensor (that ought to
> > give Scirroco a serious whupping!).
> I have been wondering, would a newtype be able to use the zero system, and
> would it screw with their head if they did? And would it improve their
> fighting abilities?

frightening thought.. Psychoframe (reads a newtype's psycho-waves) pulus
Zero system (projects data and tactical suggestions into the pilot's
breain) equals?

Gundam/Pilot symbiosis?

*the light behind the Gundam's eyes flickered fitfully as it stood in
it's berth, support lines snapped as it leaned foreward holding it's
head in it's hands, "Ow, my head... you didn't tell me Migrains would be
a side-effe...???" the gundam lifted it's head and turned it's hands
over, as if studying them, "wha.. wha.. WHAT'S HAPPENING??!!!?!!"


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