Chris Maier (
Fri, 30 Jun 2000 10:11:22 -0400

I've been wondering...what ever happened to the characters in 0080 and 0083 over the course of Z Gundam and other UC events?
  I think Al probably grew up to be a pacifist or somewhere along those lines, since he knew all about the tragedy of battle and probably did'nt want to be part of it. Telcot and that other guy probably joined up with the Federation or the Titans or whatever, by the time of Z they were the right age....
  As for Kou and co. I think they probably signed on with the Earth branch of AEUG. We know what happened to the rest of the Albion's crew(Titans). Kou however might have been kicked out because he kept spouting off nonsense about "Nuclear" and "Mobile Armor" Gundams :). I think it would have been an interesting turn of events if Kou and his group, if they joined the AEUG, would face off against their former shipmates, particually the immortal fourth team. That's an interesting idea for a fanfic....

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