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>> A bunch of q's i found on the gundam forum. feel free
>> to play around:
>> 1. If Char had the Sazabi during Zeta, could he be
>> beaten by Haman/would have beaten Haman?
>> -> Char+Sazabi=fried Haman (funnel overkill!)^_^
>I think the result would still be the same. Char is not as powerful a
>newtype as Hamaan and the Sazabi, though higher technology, still would put
>him in alot more pressure using the funnels. (He's not enhanced either).

yes although the Sazabi's armor would give it a little edge - not much, but at least there's a bit of help...and the weapons are lethal. how many funnels did the Quebely (did I say the name right?) carry? IIRC the Sazabi had six so funnel overkill might not be a possible outcome

remember, even if Char had the Sazabi in CCA, he still got beat up really bad by Amuro in his Nu Gundam (although I still like that joke wherein the Turn-A wouldn't have survived that battle if it also got stabbed "below the belt" by the Sazabi ^_^)

>> 2. Do you think that in terms of skill and ability,
>> Kou and Gato are equals, it's just that Gato has an
>> edge because of his One Year War experience?
>> -> That's kinda hard to guess, experience ain't seen
>> so easily, but they probably weren't equals in the
>> beginning, though Kou improved greatly later on, then
>> that's when they're equals...
>This is one I always wonder too... I'd say it'd come down to who's in
>better shape since both aren't newtypes and the toll on their bodies from
>their MS/MA seems to be their worst enemy.

Kou needed all the help he could in the beginning - Burning's occassional push in the right direction (Kou: sorry about what happened...it's like I forgot all I was supposed to do. Burning: *that's* why I'm here), Nina's tips (Nina: Aim for the GP02's cooling system!!!)...but then as the story progressed Kou did approach Gato's level - even Gato admitted that when they were abandoning their respective gundams after Gato nuked the Feddie fleet, although yes, experience helped Gato come out on top sometimes as he knows what to do, compared to Kou who still had his youthfulness to deal with - even Gato was chastizing him for fighting based solely on emotions, something which really gets you sloppy in a battle. One thing that surprised me though was although Kou was a sharp-eyed pilot (Kou to Nina in volume 1: ...and tell me, that heavily-armed one is a nuke unit, right?), in the second matchup of the GP03 and the Neue Ziel, Gato was the one who made the attack against Kou's wea!
k point (the GP03's I-field barrier generator).

>> 3. What if Amuro had a specialized Gundam during Zeta
>> and had joined the final battle, what do you think
>> would be the outcome of Zeta Gundam?
>> -> Amuro could choose between helping either Quatro or
>> Kamiyu, that would have resulted in
>> A. Healthy Kamiyu!
>> B. Char would owe Amuro BIG-TIME!
>wow... this is a really big if !!! the whole continuity would change big

LOL...but then if B happened, we wouldn't have a great movie in the form of Char's Counterattack ^_^

>> 4. Do you think that without its silly
>> light-heartedness, ZZ Gundam could rank as one of the
>> best Gundam series?
>> -> But I like them all! okay, with the exeption of
>> Turn A!
>hrmm... you kinda have to keep in mind that, although it's not the most
>liked, it's not the most despised series either. It only seems that way to
>a) americans b) people who haven't seen it and c) people on this mailing
>list. If you go around video stores in japan, it is just as respectable
>series to rent as any other gundam series. not to mention, the models and
>characters are/were liked very much too.

liking Turn-A really is subjective, but I gotta admit, the model kits the series spawned off were really great despite their design

>> 5. If the Gundam Wing boys and their Gundams were put
>> in a UC war, who would survive?
>i think they would be court martialled before they got their assignments...

the first to go poof would be Heero...LOL! and Quatre would never be given the chance to die in battle :-)
although if that were to happen, I'd give Trowa the GP03 MA rather than his Heavyarms (Trowa imitating Metalhead from G.I. Joe: BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! I need more reloads!!!!) and Heero sure wouldn't use the S or the EX-S Gundam at all (Heero: I have to self destruct! Alice system: oh no you don't! I'm ejecting you Heero!)

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