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Thu, 29 Jun 2000 23:04:28 -0700 (PDT)

A bunch of q's i found on the gundam forum. feel free
to play around:

1. If Char had the Sazabi during Zeta, could he be
beaten by Haman/would have beaten Haman?

-> Char+Sazabi=fried Haman (funnel overkill!)^_^

2. Do you think that in terms of skill and ability,
Kou and Gato are equals, it's just that Gato has an
edge because of his One Year War experience?

-> That's kinda hard to guess, experience ain't seen
so easily, but they probably weren't equals in the
beginning, though Kou improved greatly later on, then
that's when they're equals...

3. What if Amuro had a specialized Gundam during Zeta
and had joined the final battle, what do you think
would be the outcome of Zeta Gundam?

-> Amuro could choose between helping either Quatro or
Kamiyu, that would have resulted in
A. Healthy Kamiyu!
B. Char would owe Amuro BIG-TIME!

4. Do you think that without its silly
light-heartedness, ZZ Gundam could rank as one of the
best Gundam series?

-> But I like them all! okay, with the exeption of
Turn A!

5. If the Gundam Wing boys and their Gundams were put
in a UC war, who would survive?

-> if they were:
A. in the standard units: Only Heero Yuy and the Space
capable Wing would stand the space battles, the others
would be holding pretty well on Earth except that they
should avoid those big colonies being dropped on thier
heads ^_^
B. in the space capable versions of their mechs. Yeah
they definetly would live. Then again Heero Yuy has
this tendency to ... self destruct ...I guess 4/5
ain't bad. ^_^
C. in the EW versions of thier MS. Yes they would!
Heero could have saved Amuro the trouble of stopping
axis by using the Twin Buster rifles rather than have
Amuro overload the Nu Gundam's Psychoframe to stop the
bulk. All Amuro would have to do is trash the Sazabi.
Duo would have made good use of the active cloak
system (a total annoyance to all mechs who rely on
visuals). Wufei would be philosphising in his Nataku
(I guess he and Quess are gonna end up arguing instead
of fighting...). Trowa would fit in the 08 MS, always
running out of ammo and all. Quatre would be hooking
up a zero system on Kamiyu's biosensor (that ought to
give Scirroco a serious whupping!).

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