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yeah, they usually just take yomiuri or the local newspaper and stick it
on.. the funniest ones are usually when they take foreign (english)
newspaper articles and just stick it in...


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> > I was watching it again today with my computer instead of on TV, but
> >did anyone notice that on Episode 10, when they were completing the
> >Apsaras checks, the component names were as follows: AMD K6 3D+ BSD/B63
> >Cyrix 6x86MX DDC-1 DDC-2AB DirectX SDK Enhanced 46D4 Fast ATA-2 etc...
> >that would mean either: a) Ginius is a cheap ass or a "scratch builder"
> >truly building a toy from OLD OLD computer parts and algorithms
> >those parts and software aren't brand spanking new even in our time) b)
> >there is a computer freak on the 08th MS team production team... -V-
> This is nothing new in anime - the animators are not technies, and when
> they needed some "screen display" of technical data/readout they will
> take whatever ROM dumps or program source codes they could find and put it
> in place regardless of whether it makes sense or not - they probably
> even know what the information is in the first place.
> You'll see this in manga a lot too, when a character is shown reading off
> newspaper or passage, you will see the cut-n-pasted text has nothing to
> with the context.
> Eddie
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