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Thu, 29 Jun 2000 21:08:26 -0700 (PDT)

--- Edward Ju <> wrote:
> >Does anybody know of a reliable adhesive that I can
> use to supplement the
> >"stickiness" of the stickers that come with 1/144
> and SD kits? Living in
> >TX the humidity tends to make the stickers on
> curved surfaces peel up a
> >little. I'd be very happy to end my daily ritual
> of smoothing down the
> >stickers on the collection.
> >
> >justin.
> These stickers aren't the best, but have you tried
> cleaning the plastic
> surface they were applied to with warm soapy water?
> The releasing agent
> left on the plastic may be a factor in the stickers'
> unstickiness. Also
> avoid contact with your fingertip as you apply the
> stickers to the parts -
> the residue and grease on the fingertip can cause
> unstickiness too.
> Eddie

I dunno about you guys but ever since that darned
sticker incident on my 1:144 Wing Zero Custom (the
green circular sticker for the chest is extremely hard
to attach), I opted to just paint em on.

Just wondering, has any of you seen G-Gen F?

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