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> Subject: [gundam] Moon gravity?
> Something that hit me as I was driving in to work
> today, listening to "Dark Side of the Moon": how did
> they ever explain the seemingly Earth-normal gravity
> during Kou's visit to the moon in Gundam 0083? In
> Char's Counterattack, the gravity seemed like it was
> the 1/5 or so that it ought to be.

Now that I think on it, I seem to recall a similar disparity in Z Gundam, in
which the scenes in Von Braun, Anman, and Granada seem to be Earth normal
gravity, while the scenes on the Moon's surface use the "zero-gee" style used on
ships and MS in space. Neither one is accurate, but it appears to be a matter
of reserving the special effect for scenes that are obviously "outside" an
Earth-like environment and doing the usual for scenes that are just as obviously
"inside" one.

Again, I'd chalk it up to production costs versus verisimilitude.


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