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> > Something that hit me as I was driving in to work
> > today, listening to "Dark Side of the Moon": how did
> > they ever explain the seemingly Earth-normal gravity
> > during Kou's visit to the moon in Gundam 0083? In
> > Char's Counterattack, the gravity seemed like it was
> > the 1/5 or so that it ought to be.
> >
> > Enquiring minds want to know.
> chalk it up as another technical mistake in 0083. Although the lone scene
> on Von Braun in CCA where Amuro went to pickup Nu Gundam, the lunies seemed
> to be too healthy as well.

I don't remember now where I read this -- UC Herald #2 seems like the most
likely source, but mine's packed away in the basement and won't see the light of
day until we're settled in another house -- but one of the animators is said to
have said in an interview that it was a conscious decision to animate the Lunar
sequences at "normal" speed instead of the "slow motion" of an accurate
portrayal of Lunar gravity. The rationale was that [a] the effect OK for short
sequences but, extended over time, began to look contrived and phony, and [b]
the time and expense was prohibitive. In any case, the gist of the statement
was that they had considered it, did so test footage and decided that it was
more trouble than it was worth.


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