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Subject: [gundam] Adhesive question

> Does anybody know of a reliable adhesive that I can use to supplement the
"stickiness" of the stickers that come with 1/144 and SD kits? Living in TX
the humidity tends to make the stickers on curved surfaces peel up a little.
I'd be very happy to end my daily ritual of smoothing down the stickers on
the collection.
> justin.

For me, the stickers are only a temporary thing before you paint. I had a
couple of my kits with stickers on them for a maximum of 1.5 years before
they started to lift from the kit. I've tried several different techniques
to keep them down, but none of them seemed to work. But what worked for me
that lasted the longest was to put a dull coat lacquer over the entire kit
after applying the sticker.

Thomas Yung

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