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> Does anybody know if some if the TRUs that did'nt have the Wing kits during
> their initial runs now have them due to the restock?

On a similar note, does anybody in the bay area know which toys r us's carry
the models?... I enquired at a few, but at one they didn't know what the
hell I was talking about and at the other one the asian employee kid who I
asked referred me to a japanese toy shop (Which I already knew about).....
I haven't seen the Wing models here (Of course I haven't been looking as hard
as I could) but since I don't have a car (I spend all of my money on analog
synthesizers and gunpra) I can't go around checking every single one. Does
anybody know of the TRU that have the Wing models in the SJ/SF area? ... And
also the KB Toys that might carry MSIA?

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