Thu, 29 Jun 2000 15:13:26 EDT

I think that the EW 1/100 models look pretty dope from the ones I've built
(D-Hell Custom, Heavyarms Custom, Serpent Custom) definitely cleaner looking
than the Gundam X 1/100ths... The HA Custom I love to death, the D-Hell
Custom has some problems holding the scythe, and the wings are a bit flimsy,
but the model looks good - that's the one my friends usually go check out
first on my wall.. The Serpent custom I like a lot (Especially because the
big gun is _so_ over the top) but it definitely suffers from lack of
mobility. The assembly is pretty straightforward on these 3, and compared to
my models of other series (ZZ, F90, X, G, HGUC, 08thMST, V, G-Unit, etc) the
EW models were my watermark for quality until I got my MG models... I didn't
really like my 1/144 Nataku tho (Got the special version as a birthday
present from my friend) , it fell apart rather easily, I was unimpressed by
the poseability of the claws, and the transparent plastic doesn't really do
it for me (It's not as convincing as a giant robot when you can see thru
it).... I haven't assembled any of the Wing 1/100ths tho I've seen my
friends (Between us we've got about 60 gunpra) and they looked nice (Tho not
really my style, thus, why I don't have any) but I haven't taken them down
and fucked with them to see if they fall apart or are a bitch to pose or
whatever.... Anyway, hope I helped :)

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