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<< I was at my local Toys 'R' Us looking for the GW MSiAs (no luck there) when
I noticed that they'd restocked the wing kits. They've got quite a
selection of the 1/144 kits. These included some, like the Tallgeese II,
Mercurius and Vayate, which I hadn't seen any of in their first batch.

BTW: I've done a few of the 1/144 wing kits, and am thinking of getting some
of the 1/100 kits (specifically the Wing and Wing Zero). Can anyone give me
some ide of how the 1/100 kits compare to the 1/144 Wing kits, or to a MG

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Well I picked up a 1/100 Wing Zero and I wasn't that impressed with it. It is way easier to build then a Master Grade. The worst part IMHO was the transformation. It was SO flimsy, it made the MG Zeta look strong by comparison.


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