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Thu, 29 Jun 2000 08:56:43 -0400

The 1/100 Wing 0 is pretty cool and looks very good when completed. However,
the elbow joints are not up to the challenge of holding the double-gun or
the nose-cone shield. I also think that he almost requires some panel-line
detailing because he is so white, he looks kind of washed-out without it
even though he is pretty detailed.
As far as comparing it to an MG, I would say that it is a good middle ground
between the 1/144s and the MGs. It takes longer to assemble than the 144 and
is a bit more complex (not too much), but is not nearly as time consuming as
an MG. Not as detailed either!
Overall though, I enjoyed assembling the kit and am glad I got it. It looks
real perty on my shelf! ;-)

Hope that helps,
Jeff C

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> >BTW: I've done a few of the 1/144 wing kits, and am thinking of getting
> >of the 1/100 kits (specifically the Wing and Wing Zero). Can anyone give
> >some ide of how the 1/100 kits compare to the 1/144 Wing kits, or to a MG
> >kit?

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