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Since everybody has explained the UC series, I'll take
the leisure of explaining the alternate timeline
stories of G and W.

>Gundam G

Around here the earth is being used in a tournemt of
gundams called Gundam Fight, where countries send
thier best gundam fighters to battle it out. Battles
are one on one, with a kung-fu movie twist where
pilots can execute special moves that you'll often see
in fighting games.

Story revolves around the fighter of Neo-Japan, Dumon
Cashew. In his quest to find his brother, he ends up
fighting in the Gundam Tournament. Accompanying him is
his technician, Rain. As he competes in the tournament
he uncovers a new threat to earth and the "colonies"
and gets the help of the other Gundam fighters in a
desperate struggle to defeat a Gundam of unbelievable
strength and powers.

-1990+ artwork, nice but not as good as you might
~non-technical gundams! do not look for fully logical
abilities, just watch!
~the gundam here are treated in a super-robot type

>Wing Gundam

it looks like a spin off of the entire UC series with
all its references but its kinda nice too. The mechs
are more technical than G but not as explainable as
the ones in UC. it seems to be directed more to a
slightly younger audience too. I guess

Story revolves around five young pilots (Heero Yuy,
Duo Maxwell, Trowa Barton, Quatre Winner Raberba and
Chang Wufei ---whose live mirror those of Amuro, Kou,
Camille, Judo and Seabook, though the refences are
divided among the pilots in a random, per attitude
manner) who were designated to be sent to earth as
part of "Operatin Meteor" that aims to disable the
earth government so that the colonies may be freed
from the "whims of earth" (Daikun?!). Eventually, they
uncover more truths about the operation and create a
variation of thier own (not necessarily together
though). The battles occur in both earth and space as
the Gundams try to establish peace and justice in
thier own way. They encouter Earth Fed Forces, the OZ,
the White Fang and eventually the forces of Marimea

Each pilot has thier own disturbing past, Heero was an
assistant to an assasin, Duo's colony was gassed then
the people in his sanctuary -a church- was butchered,
Quatre was the only real birth child unlike his test
tube baby sisters -but he thinks he's a test tube baby
too-, Trowa doesn't have a clue who he really is -he
adopts the name from a dead guy (I'd like to explain
but that would spoil the story)-, Wufei's some Jet Lee
type fighter who lost his wife -very odd clan
traditions eh?- and since renaming his Gundam after
her, has been obsessed with it since. It's story is a
tad bit hard to follow since the pilot's pasts are
never explained in the series but in a pre-series
manga. Also there's a side story during the one year
gap between Wing and Wing Endless Waltz where they
fight the remenants of White Fang.

~the art for wing and new either but the Hajime Katoki
designed EW mecha looks extremely cool. (I just luv
the D-Hell Custom!!!)
~also look into the manga only: Gundam Wing side
story; G-Units. i haven't completed it so I can't say
~this is a very hard series to understand (ableit
being a short one) since one has to follow the events
through both Manga and Anime.

Other Gundam Alternate timelines:

there's Gundam X and Turn A Gundam, also see the story
mode of the SD Gundam G-Generation series, G-Gen,
G-Gen Zero and the upcoming G-Gen F. They incorporate
all timelines and alternate timelines.

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