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okay, here's a breakdown of the webpage:

on the left side (menu):
Top Page
"what of the 5 guys in Gundam Wing...."
~because the guys in Wing are great~

(Ascii)Gundam Face Mask
Z Gundam Face Mask
Gundam Face Mask ZZ
CCA GUndam Face Mask
~it's cuter to call it GUN Moji eh~

Made the Theme Song
Made the Z theme song
~It's more than Char ga Kuru~

"Extend your sleeves" (sorry, it's kinda hard to explain.. something really traditional japanese... it's kinda like if you have your kimono and you have the sleeves untucked)
kinda "what if gundam had this!"

New Gundam
(his self made gundam stories... kinda)

HARO is amazing
~the protagonist of gundam?~

The legend of BALL
~Ball is the protagonist~

The world of Char
~Maybe not for Char fans....~

Gundam Pilot
~if you do this, you'll ride on gundam too!~

What's with the hair?
~let's sting your eyes with the colors~

Gundam Syndrome
Z Gundam Syndrome
~almost sickness~

Fat and Cool
~it's actually high mega cannon, fannel, I field (a lie)~

This is bad

Z this is bad

this is bad ZZ

CCA this is bad

this is bad F91

V this is bad

Play with the names


Q and Q

ZQand Q


Life Consultant
~I'll embrace your problems~

The Gundam People I saw on the Street
~A "real life version" of the Gundam supporting characters~

The wonderful nicknames

The preview

New goods on sale

Laughing at MSV

The next 3 sections are hard to explain.. it's kinda like what you "experienced" in gundam... but only the absolutely USELESS and unmeaningful things...

CG gallery...

Does this serve any purpose? BBS

Gundam HP links

HP's that have Gundam info links

Other Links


alot of the content is quite traditional japanese and is quite funny... but as the name of the page says, useless :)

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  for the Japanese impaired, could you tell us the basic gist of what the site is about? Pretty please ^_^
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    Don't say I did'nt warn you.

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