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> >Can the list tell me the good and bad of EVERY Gundam show, so I can know
> >what to get. Thanx.
> >
> >Gundam 0079
good: the story, this is where everything started... it's THE gundam
show... (not saying it's the best, just saying that THIS IS GUNDAM!)
> >Gundam Blue Destinie
never had a video game system back then (-.-;;;

> >Gundam 0080
one of my favorite OVAs... it makes a Zeon soldier the "hero" or so it
seems... it talks about the more human aspects of war instead of how cool
it is to watch robots fight against each other. the only bad thing .. well,
not really bad, but let's not spoil that for you :)

> >Gundam 0083
good: this series is down to earth mecha vs. mecha.. even the movie
trailer shown at F91 was shown with the highlight "Gundam vs. Gundam"...
bad: some of the dialogue is insanely stupid... and you have to make alot
of assumptions on the character's relations...

> >Gundam Zeta
good: this is, it seems, what most americans call their favorite gundam show
if this list represents a fair amount of gundam fans (other than ones that
started with wing). it has LOTS of new MS and a fairly intense storyline.
bad: it's depressing... first few episodes kinda "makes" you assume that
"because the main character is the main character, he HAS to get a
gundam"... also, there are just too many new MS released (variants incl.)

> >Gundam Double Zeta
good: if you watch this right after zeta and consider it just "the next
episode" in a long 100+ ep. series, then you'd love zeta and double zeta
even more. it's a direct continuation with a change in characters and mood.
it's a bit of a change from the usual style of gundam main characters up
till now. there are also many many fans for the supporting characters of
this show.
bad: many find it too childish (even though the series was aimed for
children) but the characters do have their funny parts which is not seen up
till now (1987). it has the same thing as Zeta with the MS... but now,
it's even worse, almost a new MS a week.

> >Gundam Sentinel
it's not a tv series, but you can get the novels and model photo book. my
friend borrowed the novels from a library but he told me the photobook is
all you need for the story...

> >Gundam Char Attack
good: this is the "ending" to the first buncha conflicts started in Gundam.
It wraps up everything.
bad: too many new characters, too many things done in 2 hours. but still a
must see if you bother seeing the above series.

> >Gundam Crossbone
this is a comic series. it tells of the F91 characters and what happens to

> >Gundam F90
there's a model series, game, and comic based on this. i haven't seen the
comic anywhere, but the game is quite amusing... (it actually sucks, but it
can kill time).

> >Gundam F91
good: good music (up till now, i think this was the only gundam series that
had a song in Oricon top 10!!!). nice looking characters, new era.. etc...
bad: there are ALOT of things that are missing from it. i.e. character
relations... some characters just show up, or are mentioned, then they
dissappear... there are missing details too..

> >Gundam Hathaway Shine
if you goto japan, i know a few libraries that have this.. it's called
Senkou no Hathaway... it's quite depressing.. worse the Zeta... MUCH
worse... it tells you what happens when you have a crush on the wrong girl
in CCA, then you get bad childhood memories... j.k

> >Victory Gundam
good: much like double zeta, the "docking" sequence has returned...
woohoo!!! nothing like a good dose of children mecha shows!!! also like
double zeta, it starts off childish, then gets into the usual intense
bad: i dont' have anything against this show.. just that the characters are
not as colorful as ZZ and the gundam doesn't look as cool...

> >Gundam G
this is like what happens when you decide you want tekkaman blade = gundam =
street fighter II = dragonball = chinese kung fu theme... there are SO
MANY gundams that it'd be hard to remember them all!!1

> >X Gundam
good: it has a cool solar cannon...
bad: the series was OK, but i just don't like how they put so much effort on
the main characters yet make the supporting characters so weak...

> >Wing Gundam
this is the most liked alternate universe gundam... the tv series was
somewhat enjoyable.. but i don't like the mecha designs much in the OVA...
what the fxxx is with the wings.... it's like sailormoon for girls :)

> >PLEASE help me, I want to know good and bad of all in your oppinions.
> There are a few series you missed:
> The 08th MS Team
this is a newer series which was to celebrate 20 years of gundam. very
cool... kinda puts in a bit of kazuhisa kondo's style (he wasn't involved
though) and very ground millitary based. the characters are pretty unique
too... ("To BB.....")

> There's also a movie called Miller's Report based on the 08th MS Team
> is a mixture of flashback footage and original animation.
If you want to get into 08th MS Team, watch the movie first then watch 08th
MS team.. the movie will leave you dangling and you'd get pretty pissed if
you didn't see the rest of the show...

> Endless Waltz
wow... wings!!!!

> Turn A Gundam
i've only seen bits and pieces not recorded over by other tv shows... it
doesn't really capture me like the other gundams though... maybe it's the
character design..... i haven't gotten into the story yet either... but
personally, i don't like the idea of "White Moustache"...


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