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Michael Wong x4241 wrote:

> So, is it pretty much decided that all we GML folks that are attending AX2000
> are meeting at the Bandai panel?

What time is the Bandai panel?

> > I got a one-day pass for Saturday. I plan to get there early to beat
> > the traffic into Anaheim.
> Where are you driving from? The traffic on Saturday really shouldn't be that
> bad, the folks that want to get to Disneyland usually arrive before 9... so
> there really isn't any traffic to beat.

The Valley. The are on the freeways around there all the time until about noon.
The 91 and the 5 were still getting cut up for expansion last time I travelled that
route. Maybe I'll attempt the 605 or something.

> As for dinner, aren't any of you interested in going to the Macross panel also?
> I am kindof a Macross fan too and hope I am not pissing anyone off here by
> liking that other series! 8P

I like Macross, but I've got the first of a series of bbqs to attend after the


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