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>Henry Bigone asks,
>> Can the list tell me the good and bad of EVERY Gundam show, so I can know
>> what to get. Thanx.
>> Gundam 0079

Can't really say you know Gundam if you haven't seen the original film
trilogy. That's the classic Gundam story that started it all. The animation
and mecha designs are dated but the plot kicks the living crap out of any
animated show you'll see on US TV today.

>> Gundam 0080

This is exactly as everyone else described it: a fine drama with not much
mecha action. Don't need to have seen 0079 to follow it.

>> Gundam 0083

The first Gundam show I saw since I used to watch the original movies when I
was a kid. I was blown away by the animation (you don't know how cool it was
to see Gundam with modern animation after having rewatched the original movies
a billion times). Fine action sequences. A good introduction if you want to
start somewhere.

>> Gundam Zeta
I also saw the first 20 episodes of this a few days ago and love it. You get
to see what becomes of most of the original Gundam cast 7 years later. The
idea of having the anti-hero Char from the original show become something of a
mentor to an emerging newtype like Camille is as cool an idea as there ever
was in Gundam. Then you have great stuff like the assault on Jaburo, the
reintroduction of Amuro Rei, and the fight with the Psycho Gundam in Hong
Kong.....I've yet to see the whole thing but this one is my favorite so far.
And don't listen to people who tell you the animation is dated. I was
surprised at how much less recycled footage there was than in more modern TV
series *cough* Gundam Wing *cough* Don't watch it unless you've seen Gundam
0079 first as this is the first sequel to it.

>> Gundam Double Zeta

Seen the first 4 episodes and can already see that the show will be less
serious than previous Gundam shows. Also, none of the characters (save for the
ones held over from Zeta) seem to have any real distinguishing qualities and
have a real generic feel to them. Especially Judo, the main character.
Overall, people like this show the least of all the Gundam series and
justifiably so, IMHO.

>> Gundam Char Attack

The final showdown between Char and Amuro from the original series. Has state
of the art animation for the time (1988, the same year Akira was released) and
the action is fast. You can't help but love the Nu Gundam (it has fin
funnels!) but definitely don't watch it unless you've at least seen the
original series. It also helps if you've seen Zeta, too, I hear but I was able
to comprehend it before I did that. If you've seen the original movie trilogy,
this is a must see.

>> Gundam F91

A lot of people don't like this movie but I did and here's why: IMHO, this has
the best animation of any of the Gundam shows and movies. Crisp and fluid
stuff. The first half hour with the Crossbone Vanguard's assault on the colony
rocks. Then you get boring exposition for awhile but the action in the second
hour is cool stuff. The aerial fight in the colony is cool and I liked the
final battle. There are points where you notice choppy editing (in one scene,
Seabrook is fighting mechas in the colony and, in the next, he's on foot in a
completely different colony with no transitional scene) but there weren't as
many of these as I expected from comments I've read beforehand. It's not hard
to follow. In fact, you don't need to have watched any previous Gundam shows
to follow the story so you may even want to see this one first. :) I'd say the
plot is mediocre overall but I think it's solid entertainment. I really don't
understand the fuss over this one.

>> X Gundam

As with F-91, there's a lot of criticism directed at this show for its
mediocrity but this is also solid entertainment! As an alternate universe
show, you can watch this one right off the bat without any previous Gundam
experience. Every few episodes a different story arc ends and another begins
so if you get tired of one, you can wait for the next. ;) The Gundam X's
satellite cannon is as cool a whupass weapon as any that ever existed in the
Gundam universes. Certainly not the deepest Gundam show but it is enjoyable.
It's good fun and I like it on that basis.

>> Wing Gundam

Here's the derivative Gundam show that everyone should be directing their
negative criticism towards! I'd write something here but I already wrote a
scathing review of it at the Internet Movie Database which you can find at
http://us.imdb.com/CommentsShow?159193-13 Hehheheheh. :) Gundam Wing's
sequel, Endless Waltz, has even less merit as the villain is completely
uncompelling and the story is just a boring, uninvolving excuse to see Gundam
Wing characters once again. The animation is much better though. Gundam Wing
is the most popular Gundam show in the USA thanks to its exposure on cable TV
and the first 10 episodes or so are good but with the hacked-together plot and
flashiness, I felt like I was watching a half hour commercial for toys, a
feeling I never got from other Gundam shows except maybe G Gundam.

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