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Wed, 28 Jun 2000 18:11:20 -0700 (PDT)


> Ben Koshy wrote:
> > Anyone going to Anime-Expo 2000? I'll be there...
> >
> > If there are enough of us we should arrange a get-together or perhaps
> > arrange an assault on the Bandai panel or something... :)

So, is it pretty much decided that all we GML folks that are attending AX2000
are meeting at the Bandai panel?

> I got a one-day pass for Saturday. I plan to get there early to beat
> the traffic into Anaheim.

Where are you driving from? The traffic on Saturday really shouldn't be that
bad, the folks that want to get to Disneyland usually arrive before 9... so
there really isn't any traffic to beat.

> Alfred.

As for dinner, aren't any of you interested in going to the Macross panel also?
I am kindof a Macross fan too and hope I am not pissing anyone off here by
liking that other series! 8P

Edward is right, Japanese food in L.A. is also great BUT can be quite EXPENSIVE.
A dinner at a place like Matsuhisa can easily run you $150+ per person (that is
if you are ordering the really good stuff like raw Kobe beef, etc.), of course,
that's provided that you can get a seat without reservations! (Possible, but
quite a wait).

So the question is whether fellow GMLers want to go the way of fine dining or
something cheap and reasonable.


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