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Henry Bigone writes,

> Somebodie suggest that I ask you about "Gherien's Greed". Do you think that
> Gherien's Ambition/Greed is a good game? What is good and bad about, and
> should I get it. I speak fluent Japanese, so play it will not be a problem.
> How did the PSX and SAT versions look? and should I get PSX ver or DC ver?
> And how do battle sceens look? Thanx to all.

  Well, let's see...

First, a mathematical formula for your probable enjoyment of Giren's Greed:

  Japanese comprehension x familiarity with classic Gundam = fun!

  With its plot-determining decision points and complex game mechanics,
Giren's Greed is likely to confound those with little or no Japanese skills.
And since a lot of the fun of the game is in building your favorite mobile
suits, assigning them to your favorite ace pilot characters, and restaging
your favorite One Year War battles, you'll get much more out of it if you've
seen the original series/movies and followups like Gundam 0080 and 08th MS

  Not to mention that, in this game, you really benefit from knowing the
capabilities of all these obscure units. If you're playing as Federation,
you really need to know the difference between a Don Escargo anti-sub plane
and a Saberfish aerospace fighter... otherwise, extreme frustration is

  If you can read the on-screen instructions and have some familiarity with
classic Gundam props and plot twists, then this is one killer strategy game.
The PlayStation & Dreamcast versions, with their abundance of decision
points, "second part" scenarios, new adversaries, and the multiple "side
story" modes that become available when you finally win, provide for weeks
and months of absorbing replay.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the Saturn and PlayStation versions is the
amount of time it takes for the AI to make decisions. The Dreamcast version
promises to dramatically cut this dead time, so I'd say it's clearly the
best choice. The Dreamcast version is otherwise essentially identical to the
PlayStation one, aside from the downloadable extras (which wouldn't be
accessible from the U.S. anyway, sigh).

  One of the coolest things about the game is the cut-scene footage, which
shows never-before animated events from the early days of the One Year War
and some interesting "what-if" scenarios. It's storyboarded by the Sunrise
studio which makes Gundam, animated by the very talented Studio Jipang
staff, and looks absolutely beautiful. (This should be even more true of the
Dreamcast version.)

  The battle sequences are cute but a bit repetitive. After a while, I tend
to skip 'em for time's sake, only turning them on when there's a unit I
really want to see in action.

-- Mark

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