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>Can the list tell me the good and bad of EVERY Gundam show, so I can know
>what to get. Thanx.
>Gundam 0079

This is the orignal that started it all. There are two versions of the
story, a 43 episode TV series and a trilogy of movies which compresses the
TV series into about 6 hours. I've only seen the movies. They have a great
storyline and characters. The animation is a little dated, but if you can
get past that they're well worth your time and money. The movie trilogy is
avilable in both English dubbed and English subtitled versions from

>Gundam Blue Destinie

Blue Destiny was originally a series of videogames. There's a manga (comic
book) adaption of the videogame's story, however, it only covers the first
two games, so the storyline is cut off halfway through. The manga is
available in English from Mixx, but the translation job is fairly lousy.
Not really worth it.

>Gundam 0080

IMHO the best Gundam series, hands down. This is a relatively short (six
episode) Original Video Animation (OVA) series. The story is told largely
from the perspective of a 10 year old boy. It really brings home it's
message about the horrors of war. The animation is great, it does a good
job with many MS from the original series, as well as two fantastic new
designs. Like the original trilogy, it's available from Anime Village.

>Gundam 0083

0083 is a longer OVA series (13 episodes). It's quite enjoyable to watch,
but it suffers from some plot and character problems. It's available from
Anime Village as well.

>Gundam Zeta

Zeta is the first sequel to the original series. Many people seem to feel
that this is the best Gundam series. I've seen the first twenty episodes
(of 49) and I'm very impressed. Unfortunatly, the series isn't currently
available in the U.S. However, word on this list is that Bandai is
considering making Zeta the next Gundam TV series brought to the U.S.

>Gundam Double Zeta

As you might guess from the name, Double Zeta is a direct sequel to Gundam
Zeta. I've never seen any of ZZ, but from what I've heard it has a much
lighter tone than Zeta. While ZZ has it's admirers, it's generally
considered inferior to Zeta.

>Gundam Sentinel

This is another manga side story, rather than a series. It takes place
around the same time as ZZ. Don't really know much about it.

>Gundam Char Attack

Char's Counterattack is a movie that wraps most of the loose ends of the
original series, Gundam Zeta and ZZ. Having seen it, my verdict is good but
not great. However, many people on this list dissagreed with me (they
though it was great).

>Gundam Crossbone

Crossbone Gundam is another manga side story. It's actually a sequel to
Gundam F91.

>Gundam F90

Yet another manga side story. This one sort of a prequel to F91.

>Gundam F91

F91 was originally supposed to be a TV series, but during production it was
changed to a movie. The result is something that's almost painful to watch.
  They took what would have been a great TV series, chopped it to bits, then
glued those bits back together into a movie that doesn't make much sense.
Every time I watch it I think how much better it would have been if it got
the full series treatment.

>Gundam Hathaway Shine

Manga side story.

>Victory Gundam

V Gundam is the last series in the main (UC) Gundam universe/timeline/future
history (all the series and side stories you've mentioned so far are part of
the UC universe). I don't really know much about it otherwise.

>Gundam G

G Gundam was the first Gundam series set in an alternate
universe/timeline/future history. It's a lot like Gundam crossed with
Street Fighter/Dragonball. I've seen the first four episodes and based on
those eps. the wackyness level seems very high.

>X Gundam

Gundam X was the third Gundam series to be set in an alternate universe.
It's often maligned by others on this mailing list. However, I've seen the
first twenty episodes and enjoyed it immensely.

>Wing Gundam

The second Gundam series set in an alternate universe, Wing has a much more
superheroic/comic book feel than most other Gundam shows. I don't like it
much, but there are others that do.

>PLEASE help me, I want to know good and bad of all in your oppinions.

There are a few series you missed:

The 08th MS Team
This is a 12 episode OVA series set during the One Year War (meaning it
takes place about the same time as the original series and 0080). It has a
rather gritty, military feel. Overall, I really liked it. Anime Village
has announced that the 08th MST will be the next series to come out in the

There's also a movie called Miller's Report based on the 08th MS Team which
is a mixture of flashback footage and original animation.

Endless Waltz
This is a three episode OVA series which is a sequel to Gundam Wing. It's
suppossed to be aired on Cartoon Network sometime in the future, but no firm
word on when has been released.

Turn A Gundam
This is the most recent Gundam TV series. It just finished airing in Japan
earlier this year. It incorporates elements from all the different Gundam
universes (UC, G, Wing and X) leading many to suspect that they can all
somehow be shoehorned into the same timeline. I prefer to believe that Turn
A Gundam is a seperate entity (like all the alternate universe stories) that
just uses bits from other series for dramatic effect.

That's pretty much everything.

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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