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Good points. However, there are a FEW good guides out there (like James
Boren's) that MAY help. Also take a look at the FAQs at GameFaqs. They may
be of some assistance to you. As for other people's feelings on the game,
ask Simmons-sama or the ohter demigods here, for I am but a minor retainer
for the Gundam daimyo on the list.

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] What is Gheiren's Greed Dreamcast?
>Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:05:22 -0700
> >Hello! I am new to this Gundam Mailing List, and I have a question. At my
> >local import store, I saw a new release called "Mobile Suit Gundam
> >Greed" for the Japanese Dreamcast. I have a few questions for any bodie
> >whio has it:
> >1) What kind of game is it?
>Turn-based strategy game, you have to manage resources and weapons
>technology R&D while deploying your troops to the right areas and
>defending/invading strategic bases, too. It's a full campaign instead
>of the episodic nature like the SD G Generation games.
>The original version appeared on the Sega Saturn and basically covers the
>One Year War (U.C. 0079). You can play as either side and after you win
>the campaign you unlock extra scenarios. The PlayStation port has a lot of
>additional scenarios that extend it to the Zeta Gundam timeline, I am
>not sure if the Dreamcast has even more additional scenarios, but Bandai
>announced that they will have like 48 additional scenarios/missions for
>download (you probably need to have a Japanese Dreamcast with modem and
>be able to dial-in to their server in Japan).
> >2) Are the graphics good?
>The mobile suit and MAs are rendered in 3D as they show up in your tech
>R&D section. They appear more like 2D sprites on the actual combat
>display since the camera doesn't pan around them. Since this is the
>Dreamcast version, I expect much better graphics than the PlayStation
> >3) Is it fun?
>If you are a OYW/MSV junkie... HELL YEAH!!!
> >4) Is it a hard game?
>The original Saturn version was fairly tough, I heard they made some
>chances to the PlayStation port which made it tougher in some aspects
>but easier in others. Haven't got the Dreamcast port yet to tell how
>different this one is.
>The game is Japanese intensive - throughout the game you are prompted
>to make some vital decisions, not to mention the menu system, none of
>which is in English. If you cannot read Japanese or use a dictionary,
>this game will be nearly unplayable.
> >5) Has this game been on any other systems, and what is better type or
> >version of game?
>See above... you might be able to score used copies of the Saturn or
>PlayStation versions online. Since the game is not 3D intensive and
>its eye candy is mostly the reanimated scenes from the Gundam saga,
>all you need is a system capable of decent FMV streaming.
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