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Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:05:22 -0700

>Hello! I am new to this Gundam Mailing List, and I have a question. At my
>local import store, I saw a new release called "Mobile Suit Gundam Gheiren's
>Greed" for the Japanese Dreamcast. I have a few questions for any bodie
>whio has it:
>1) What kind of game is it?

Turn-based strategy game, you have to manage resources and weapons
technology R&D while deploying your troops to the right areas and
defending/invading strategic bases, too. It's a full campaign instead
of the episodic nature like the SD G Generation games.

The original version appeared on the Sega Saturn and basically covers the
One Year War (U.C. 0079). You can play as either side and after you win
the campaign you unlock extra scenarios. The PlayStation port has a lot of
additional scenarios that extend it to the Zeta Gundam timeline, I am
not sure if the Dreamcast has even more additional scenarios, but Bandai
announced that they will have like 48 additional scenarios/missions for
download (you probably need to have a Japanese Dreamcast with modem and
be able to dial-in to their server in Japan).

>2) Are the graphics good?

The mobile suit and MAs are rendered in 3D as they show up in your tech
R&D section. They appear more like 2D sprites on the actual combat
display since the camera doesn't pan around them. Since this is the
Dreamcast version, I expect much better graphics than the PlayStation

>3) Is it fun?

If you are a OYW/MSV junkie... HELL YEAH!!!

>4) Is it a hard game?

The original Saturn version was fairly tough, I heard they made some
chances to the PlayStation port which made it tougher in some aspects
but easier in others. Haven't got the Dreamcast port yet to tell how
different this one is.

The game is Japanese intensive - throughout the game you are prompted
to make some vital decisions, not to mention the menu system, none of
which is in English. If you cannot read Japanese or use a dictionary,
this game will be nearly unplayable.

>5) Has this game been on any other systems, and what is better type or
>version of game?

See above... you might be able to score used copies of the Saturn or
PlayStation versions online. Since the game is not 3D intensive and
its eye candy is mostly the reanimated scenes from the Gundam saga,
all you need is a system capable of decent FMV streaming.


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