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Subject: [gundam] Waht are Good and Bad of each Show?

> Can the list tell me the good and bad of EVERY Gundam show, so I can know
> what to get. Thanx.
> Gundam 0079
Good:Story, characters.
Bad:Most of the animation(It's fairly old-1979) It's tolerable though, and
some of the redone scenes in the movies look real nice.

> Gundam Blue Destinie
 Well technically, this is a manga.
  Good:MS fighting, intriquing story. Only place where you see the MS hygogs
outside of 0080.
  Bad:Mixx's translation :(
> Gundam 0080
 Good:Animation, very character driven story, shows what the OYW was for the
civilians. Excellent mech design, too. Breaths life into dated-looking MS.
 Bad:Not much really....I suppose I can say there's not a lot of MS combat,
but other elements more than make up for it.

> Gundam 0083
 Good:Animation, mecha designs, and I at least kinda like some of the
characters. Very epic, action-movie like plot. Great music. Basically got me
into Gundam in the first place.
 Bad:Some of the plot elements don't make that much sense...and the two main
characters are pretty stupid.

> Gundam Zeta
Good:Only seen one episode from this, but I'm very impressed. Very cool,
first sequel to the original Gundam, with interesting plot twists.
Bad:Not much really...animation's a little dated, but not by much.

> Gundam Double Zeta
 Have'nt seen it.
> Gundam Sentinel
 This is actually a manga/model kit series that sort of takes place around
Z/ZZ Gundam.
> Gundam Char Attack
 Char's Counterattack. Can't speak for this one as I have'nt seen it, but
everybody's pretty excited about the model kit of the bad guy mecha(Sazabi).

> Gundam Crossbone
I actually have this might need to see the F91 movie to
understand it, though. But very enjoyable. It's a manga BTW
> Gundam F90
Model kits and video game only, i think.
> Gundam F91
  Have'nt seen it.
> Gundam Hathaway Shine
 A novel that deals with the offspring of characters from the original
Gundam. But there is no translation available.
> Victory Gundam
 Have'nt seen it, apparentally you either love the series or hate it.
> Gundam G
 The first Gundam set in an alternate universe. This time, Gundams are used
as fighting mecha in a worldwide tournament. Good:Animation, action, music.
Also kind of goofy, but turns out to be deeper than it looks.
Bad:Some of the mecha designs...utterly bizzare!
> X Gundam
  Good:Animation, I kinda like the characters so far, the music is
excellent, and I like the mecha designs.
 Bad:However, the story is pretty much a ripoff of UC timeline Gundam.
> Wing Gundam
> Good:Animation, characters, plot.
   Bad:Some reused scenes, Relena is kind of bizzare, elements ripped from
UC timeline.
> PLEASE help me, I want to know good and bad of all in your oppinions.
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