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> > PPS: damn! all these talks about shirts... almost makes me want to print
> > up some NA T-shirts for sale or as give-aways to loyal fans. That would
> > be such a EGO TRIP :P~~
> >
> Hmmm big "NEWTYPE ASYLUM CORRECTIONAL FACILITY" printed on the front with a
> prisoner ... err patient number printed on the front. That would be
> reasonably pimp =)

Either it's an asylum, in which case you're mentally ill and thus not
responsible for your conduct, or ti's a correctional facility, in which case
you're adjudged to be competent. Of course, there's that interesting American
concept of "criminal insanity" in which one is a criminal by virtue of the fact
that one is not sane enough to refrain from criminal acts.


Or would NEWTYPE ASYLUM FOR THE CRIMINALLY FANATIC be closer to the truth?


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