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> Chris Maier wrote:
> > Apparentally, the DVD of Princess Mononoke will have no Japanese
> > launguage track! What's the deal! The dub may be alright, but this is
> > a slap in the face to Miyazaki and anime fans as a whole pretty much,
> > to not have an alternative launguage track. This DVD will probably be
> Ugh... so to hear how the movie sounded originally, you would have to
> import it from Japan.
> Doh! Except for regional encoding, damn, what's that hacker group that
> deciphered the regional encoding again? ;)

This is not a "screw up" by Disney nor will you find the original Japanese
soundtrack on the DVD. Disney didn't just repackage the original Japanese DVD
for distribution in North America, as Cartoon Network has doen with Gundam Wing.
Disney made an original DVD of "Disney's Princess Mononoke" -- the North
American film release from Disney, not the Studio Ghibli film.

Disney bought the rights to the film from Studio Ghibli, adapted it with a new
and original English-language script commissioned from Neil Gaiman and recorded
in their own studios, and released the result as DISNEY'S Princess Mononoke.
Disney is now distributing that release on DVD.


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