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> wrote:
> > Aiya! If you listen to the lawyers (especially those at Disney and Star
> > Trek), the words "Gundam Mailing List" itself is criminal.,
> > Gundam Project,, Newtype Asylum should all cease and desist
> > at least until all instances of the word "Gundam" and all derivative
> > or scanned images were removed. You can also forget about fanfics and
> > doujinshi.
> >
> > Any conscientious law-abiding citizens should quit this copyright
> > infringing mailing list NOW and stop visiting all the unofficial Gundam
> > websites, especially those with revenue-generating ad banners.
> >
> Fuck.
> Those.
> Guys.
> Alfred.

Gus, see and what you've done, this is the outcome of your posting.
If everyone's gonna be like this about it or worry about the freakin' law
suits, then forget about it. I'll just have my friend do it for us only
(with a undisclosed amount hidden in da closet), hee, hee, hee. And we ever
get stopped or questioned about it, we'll just say my aunt made it for me
and my friends cause this is the kinda work that she does and knows that me
and my friends like Gundam !

Thomas Yung

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