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Extra polycaps are the best thing since sliced bread, IMO. I have a big bag
of them left over from years of kits, and they come in handy often. Feel
free to send me all of your extras if you like! ;)

Peter Savin

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><< Been looking over the sprees I have left over from the models. And it
>that I always have some polycap left over. the weird thing is that some of
>the polycap aren't even use in the kit. Now why would Bandai waste plastic
>to make these? some kind of contest? collect all the polycap the the
>kit :) ?
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> >>
>This is because they often interchange the Polycap trees with different
kits so that some kits use certain polycaps and other kits use other
polycaps. But if they only have to manufacture one trr, it saves them from
having to make separate molds for each kit.
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