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Well, after reading the article and seeing more pics, I have to say that I
am still a bit disappointed at the design on a few places. IMHO, the arms
are now too thin for the heavy feel that the legs give the kit's over all
flavor. The shoulder armor now looks kinda weak. No... just looked at the
picture again the arms and shoulder looks REALLY weak comparing to the legs!
(There goes the humble part!)
Well Core, the thing I didn't like about the 1st kit was that it looked
weak... but the whole kit looked weak. So in a sick sense, it was balanced.
This guy is not balanced. Will I get it... yeah... but I will need to work
on the arms and shoulder.
For those whom have not gotten a RX78-2 for their MG collection, I say go
for it... or wait for a ver. 2.0 :D

Gus Jae
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> Amuro Rei wrote:
> > Here's a translation of a Chinese Article on the 1.5 someone posted on
> > GML a while back:
> > The New MG Version of "Gundam" Model: Initial Trial Assembly in Hong
> > ...
> Hmm... I don't remember this particular posting the first time around. The
> article is very informative, but be advised that this MAY BE an HK
> newspaper "article". Nightingale should be able to tell us. These news
> "articles" on new merchandise are half way between news and advertisment.
> It's hard to be impartial when there's so much money involved.
> Personally, I have been underwelmed by the pictures I saw so far online
> and in HJ. At first I was keen on getting a scaled down PG at MG pricing.
> But it seems too many parts in the upper body was recycled to truly call
> the v1.5 a ver.PG. With already a finished MG v1.0 on the shelf, I can't
> justify spending the money on a 50% upgrade (that's why it's a v1.5
> instead of v2.0?). I still could be convinced to buy the 1.5, if I see
> better reviews and pics, but as of now, my plan is to put that money
> towards my PG Gundam Trust Fund.
> Are you gonna buy it, Gus?
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