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Chris Maier wrote:
> I've been's been hinted that the civilian members of
> the Duchy did not like the Zabis and the Duchy's military, and vice-versa.
> Hence, the establishment of the Republic of Zeon as soon as the Zabis
> were out of the way. Judging by the relatively small size of Delaz and
> Axis fleets, was there not a lot of love for the Duchy era within Zeon's
> population? It almost seems that the Zabis were more of a dictatorship
> than free rulers...anybody know what the general attitude was at Side 3?

It's not very different from Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, the general
populace (and who doesn't?) loved the nationalism/patriotism message of
Hitler, Hirohito (or at least his puppetmaster) and Zabi. A single man,
no matter how evil, cannot stir up a war all by himself.

Zabi wasn't necessarily elected by the people in American style election.
But there is no doubt Side 3 citizens were largely responsible for putting
him in power. Like all the recent monsters (Lenin, Mao, Hitler,
Hirohito) got up to their powerful position by 80% popular support 20%
murders and intrigues.

When things were looking up, Side 3 citizens (indeed many spacenoids and
even some earthlings) thought the Zabi family was the second coming.
(remember the tremendous emotions shown at Garma's funeral.) When things
start to slip downhill, everyone rush to jump off the Zabi bandwagon.
That's the nature of mankind.

I think Tomino was trying to suggest that (1) while pointing to the evils
of Zabi (esp. Giren), a war was only possible because the Spacenoids have
a legitimate yearning for independence, (2) worthy characters such as Zeon
Daikun and Bright Noah (and to a smaller extent: Mirai Yashima, Marvette,
Queen Maria and Amuro Rei) were doomed to be pushed aside in the
dog-eat-dog world of power games.

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