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Tue, 27 Jun 2000 23:25:28 -0800

>Echo|Fox wrote:
> > > Even fanart is a derivative work based on existing copyrighted material.
> > That's what I'm most worried about =) It would be really nice to have a
> > bit of Gundam artwork on the shirt, but we should keep this on the level.
> > Anybody knwo if Bandai/Sunrise has an e-mail address you could contact
> > for this sort of thing? Or better yet, anybody know someone at Bandai? =)
>Aiya! If you listen to the lawyers (especially those at Disney and Star
>Trek), the words "Gundam Mailing List" itself is criminal. Gundam.com,
>Gundam Project, Wingzero.net, Newtype Asylum should all cease and desist
>at least until all instances of the word "Gundam" and all derivative work
>or scanned images were removed. You can also forget about fanfics and
>Any conscientious law-abiding citizens should quit this copyright
>infringing mailing list NOW and stop visiting all the unofficial Gundam
>websites, especially those with revenue-generating ad banners.

But isn't it okay if it falls under the category of appropriating an
image for art purposes? (yeah, like a GML t-shirt would be art) I
guess this whole copywrite thing is still being debated. I think as
long as Bandai didn't feel it was losing potential sales they would
be cooler about it. For instance if the shirt just had a gundam and a
little GML as opposed to something that is more obviously focused on
the ML aspect. (G<ML vs. G>ML). Oh BTW- I'd be interested in doing
the artwork, which is why I've been thinking about this today.

So how to make it a gundam MAILING LIST t-shirt, instead of only a
GUNDAM shirt that GML members all have?

another BTW. Is there any official Gundam international fanclub? That
could be the road to legitimacy?

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