Wed, 28 Jun 2000 01:58:10 -0400 (EDT)

Nicholas "Echo|Fox" Paufler wrote:
> Hmmm big "NEWTYPE ASYLUM CORRECTIONAL FACILITY" printed on the front with a
> prisoner ... err patient number printed on the front. That would be
> reasonably pimp =)

Don't you get me going, dude!

"I used to be a patient, now I am the Chief Counselor!"

> Hell, find someone with an inkjet printer and get some iron on t-shirt
> transfers. You can get a 10 pack for $10 or $15 as I recall. Did it with an
> old P.O.S. canon inkjet I used to have and it worked great. I'd imagine it
> would be even better with any of the newer ones.

Damit, if it's DIY, than it's no holds bar. Just scan your favorite page
from your favorite book, whamo, everyone has a custom shirt. But that
kind of defeat the idea of a GML shirt.. Also don't think those
iron-on prints will last very long...

Name: Core
Patient ID: #1
Condition: Critical

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