Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 27 Jun 2000 22:55:48 -0700

>At 15:21 06/25/2000 -0700, Edward Ju wrote:
>>Being retcons, you'd expect them to be improved upon the originals. They
>>are also technically amphibious, not just marine mobile suits.
> They did -- it looks heaps better. =)
> Actually, whenever you combine two different aspects of warfare (in
>this case sea and land), I expect some deficiency in areas. I think I can
>live with the bad legs..

I was talking about improving upon the original kits, which they failed to,
at least in the legs/balancing department. The original Gog and Zugock
kits, in both 1/144 and 1/100 scales, stand well and don't have problems
with balancing while striking poses. The 0080 ones are very problematic
when it comes to balancing themselves in non-standard poses. The Zugock E
fared better because its feet are 2-parters, but the Hygog's multi-plated
feet simply don't cut it.


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