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Echo|Fox wrote:
> > Even fanart is a derivative work based on existing copyrighted material.
> That's what I'm most worried about =) It would be really nice to have a
> bit of Gundam artwork on the shirt, but we should keep this on the level.
> Anybody knwo if Bandai/Sunrise has an e-mail address you could contact
> for this sort of thing? Or better yet, anybody know someone at Bandai? =)

Aiya! If you listen to the lawyers (especially those at Disney and Star
Trek), the words "Gundam Mailing List" itself is criminal.,
Gundam Project,, Newtype Asylum should all cease and desist
at least until all instances of the word "Gundam" and all derivative work
or scanned images were removed. You can also forget about fanfics and

Any conscientious law-abiding citizens should quit this copyright
infringing mailing list NOW and stop visiting all the unofficial Gundam
websites, especially those with revenue-generating ad banners.

Anyway if people on GML gets too panicky we can run this privately, say
the first 20 ppl who email me privately can join in. Printing only 20
shirts would be a tad more expensive (per shirt) than 100 shirts, but it
may make the difference between getting the thing going or not. It also
takes Mr. David Van Cleef off the legal hook.

I've printed 25 shirts for a sport team before, sporting one of those
"derivative artworks". And well, let's say I am still at large.

Anyway this is all pretty hypothetical, since there's no one stepping out
to do the legworks yet. (and sorry I can't spare the time myself, and as
I said, it's better run from inside the continental US)

PS: ad space for sale on NA ;)

PPS: damn! all these talks about shirts... almost makes me want to print
up some NA T-shirts for sale or as give-aways to loyal fans. That would
be such a EGO TRIP :P~~

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