Wed, 28 Jun 2000 00:13:00 EDT

personally, i think all the accessories on the F90 kits make them look a
little top-heavy and busy, it seems like the designers just went crazy and
added a whole bunch of armaments just for the sake of doing it. The SF91
kits don't really look that nice as well, if you lilke the busy look, then
those are the kits for you, but I had a bunch of these kits when I was
younger and people arfe right about the hands, they can't hold the guns at
all, but thats an easy problem solved if you use spare hands from other kits
or I'm sure wave or b-club make resin hands u can use. The hardy gun's the
only ms from the series I really like. The F-91 is a great kit, it was one
of the first kits I ever built and one of my favorites.

~Matt P

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