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>> Sorry for yet another question thread, but I'm considering ordering
>>one of the kits from these three. First, the obvious question, how do
>>they stack up quality wise to other kits? Also, is their construction
>>based on the Victory Gundam/Early High Grade frames or just snapping
>>together parts and polycaps? Info on this era of kits is pretty scarce,
>>so I'm wondering what opinions people have about them.
>F90 and SF91 kits are of comparable quality. I am not too thrilled with
>how some of their hands being unable to even hold the big guns, like the
>RXF-91A. However, they are very nicely detailed and feature multi-colored

>parts made with System Injection. These look the best snapped out of the
>box without any painting. The F91 kits are a notch below F90 and SF91 kits

>because they require a bit of painting on most kits, IIRC only the F91 kit

>had System Injection parts.
>They don't have the early/original HG kind of frame, and don't have the
>kind of skirt armor problems that the 1/100 V Gundam kits had.

The F90 kits are system injection, have no waists and have the air of Rally
cars about them due to the color and detail combination. BUT, they are damn
good in the sense that they are quite nice to look at with all the extras tacked
on them. Unfotunately, the proportions of the basic kit is not very nice, almost
super thin in the way they look.

The SF91 stuff is okay, but the hands, as Eddie said, are not that good.

The best looking is the cluster gundam and the hardygun.

The F91 is a classic kit, but I would have to admit to still being disturbed
by the mack truck grill that passes for its mid abdominal area.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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