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>> Amuro Rei wrote:
>> Here's a translation of a Chinese Article on the
>> 1.5 someone posted on the GML a while back:
>> The New MG Version of “Gundam” Model: Initial
>> Trial Assembly in Hong Kong
>> ...
> Hmm... I don't remember this particular posting the
> first time around. The article is very informative,
>> but be advised that this MAY BE an HK newspaper
>> "article". Nightingale should be able to tell us.

>> These news "articles" on new merchandise are half
>> way between news and advertisment.

This is translated from a 'sneak review' appeared on
the Chinese-language Apple Daily (Hong Kong) on June

> It's hard to be impartial when there's so much money
> involved.

Exactly, but at least we know a bit more from this kit
than just seeing the photos from HJ :) I was quite
amazed that the knee can bend almost like human being
(!), which is a plus for any models but the retcon
addition of open up armors and vents make our classic
RX-78 looks more and more like the 1st MS with
moveable frame (doh!), and makes Gundam mkII looks
silly :)


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